For years, our Aftershock books have accurately predicted the rise and future fall of multiple, co-linked bubbles, including the stock market bubble, real estate bubble, government debt bubble, and many others.  And we’ve repeatedly warned readers about the big worldwide bubble pop ahead.

Since then, nothing has happened to change our macro point of view.  In fact, with ever-increasing enormous government debt and massive money printing here and around the world, the stock market and other bubbles have become even bigger and more vulnerable than ever before.  It’s just a matter of time before these multiple conjoined bubbles simultaneously pop, and when they do, Ark Financial Management is fully prepared to make investment decisions that will maximize both protection and profits.

But what about in the shorter term?  How do we invest before the Aftershock?

Making wise decisions in today’s highly volatile investment environment can be challenging, to say the least.  With stocks hitting all-time highs and dramatic lows, with so many economies slowing around the world, with many technology stocks booming despite never making a dime, how can you say with confidence that this is a good time to exit the market, or stay the course, or double down for the next big rally?

The truth is, while we may know that the stock market bubble (and all the vulnerable bubbles) cannot last forever, we also know that in the shorter term, it’s impossible to know, day-to-day, what’s coming next.

Introducing the Ark Portfolio Navigation System

Rather than trying to guess what will happen next in this unpredictable investment environment, we now have a powerful proprietary trading system to help guide us every step of the way.  The Ark Portfolio Navigation System is not computerized or a pre-programmed “robo-advisor.”  Real human beings – the authors of the Aftershock books – make all our trading decisions.  But we don’t go it alone.  Among our multiple indicators, we have created a powerful tool to help us identify and take advantage of changing trends in any asset, regardless of whether the market is moving up or down.

And it’s only for Ark clients.  No one else has it.

How Does It Work?

Ideally, investors want to make gains when an asset is trending up and also make gains (or at least avoid losses) when an asset is trending down.  To capitalize on a newly developing up or down trend, we need to catch it early enough that we don’t miss out on a gain, but not so early that it later turns out it wasn’t really a new trend after all.

Identifying trends both early and correctly is key.  To do so, we need to act not too soon and not too late.  Finding this sweet spot is made enormously easier with the Ark Portfolio Navigation System, which combines financial and economic modeling with advanced charting techniques to give us clear potential “Buy” and “Sell” signals.  These buy and sell signals do not automatically force a trade; they alert us in real time to the potential early development of a new up or down trend in an asset’s changing price.

While no trading system can predict the future, this powerful tool is like having X-ray vision into the early stages of a newly developing trend.  It helps us ignore the “noise” (the chaotic hourly or daily movements) and see the structural “bones” of a potential new up or down trend as it forms in real time.

Seeing is Believing

To see our proprietary trading system in action, please take a look at the chart below of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from September 2018 through March 2019.

The Dow from September 2018 to March 2019

In the chart above, the vertical green and red lines indicate the Ark Portfolio Navigation System’s “Buy” and “Sell” signals.  It’s important to understand that we did not just pick good spots to place Buy and Sell lines with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.  These signal lines were entirely generated by Ark’s trading system.

Looking at the chart, we can see there were three clear Buy signals and three clear Sell signals in the last six months.  Had you followed these signals, rather than passively riding the Dow down and back up again, you could have made gains while the Dow was rising and then safely exited the market while the Dow was sharply falling – avoiding substantial losses.

Even better, you could have made money when the Dow was rising and when the Dow was falling, not only avoiding big losses but also racking up some stellar gains, indeed.

Again, just to be clear, we did not draw these signal lines in by hand at “good spots.”  The Ark Portfolio Navigation System placed these Buy and Sell lines on the chart on its own.  And it did so in real time – during a very difficult period of unusually high market volatility when no one had any idea what to expect.  The system is that good.

And here’s the really great news.  We have now analyzed and generated these charts for scores of assets, including stock market indexes, sectors, subsectors, individual companies, various commodities, foreign indexes and assets, and more.  In fact, we produce these charts every day for every asset we are following.

Stay Alert: The Aftershock Has Not Been Cancelled

While our proprietary trading system helps us see shorter-term trends in real time, we have not lost sight of the bigger picture or what it means for the future.  The conditions that led us to predict the 2008 financial crisis and warn of an even bigger bubble pop ahead have not improved.  On the contrary, they are much worse today:

  • National debt now over $22 trillion and growing
  • Budget deficit now $1 trillion/year and growing
  • US money supply has been quintupled (5x)
  • US economic growth is slowing
  • European economic growth near zero
  • Chinese economic growth, the world’s economic engine after the 2008 global financial crisis, has been slowing substantially
  • Corporate earnings growth now declining fast
  • Meanwhile, asset bubbles are near all-time highs and more vulnerable than ever

Clearly, the world is moving closer to a big multi bubble pop, pop, pop and Aftershock.  But even if we didn’t see it coming, our powerful trading system will. The Ark Portfolio Navigation System can alert us to any significant downtrend in any asset or asset class, such as stocks and bonds, even in the unlikely event that we don’t realize the Market Cliff is near and the Aftershock is imminent.

What If the Stock Market “Melts Up” Before It Melts Down?

Given what we’ve already seen with the unexpected Trump rally and historically very high stock values, anything is possible.  If the market goes up even further from here, great!  Our trading system will certainly help us make money on it.

And if (or more accurately, when) the market melts down, we expect to catch that big trend as well.  In fact, we expect the Ark Portfolio Navigation System to help us earn even more in the coming downturn while almost everyone else will have massive losses.

We’ve Got You Covered Either Way

The Ark Portfolio Navigation System is designed to identify and take advantage of newly forming trends, big and small, both up and down, in any market.

Skeptical?  Go back and take another quick look at that chart of the Dow.

Wouldn’t you have liked to have had those accurate trading signals popping up in real time to help protect and grow your portfolio during the wildly volatile and dangerous last months of 2018 when all the major stock indexes dropped 20 percent or worse?

Even better, wouldn’t you love to have those same accurate trading signals in the future – regardless of which way this unpredictable market goes next?

Your Bottom Line

The Ark Portfolio Navigation System combines financial and economic modeling with sophisticated charting techniques to identify new trends – both up and down – in any market.

No trading system can predict the future or perfectly time the market.  We are not day-trading and we are not looking to catch the perfect bottom or the perfect top.  By correctly identifying the early stages of newly developing trends in real time, we know when to enter and exit positions, both long and short.  It’s like having a powerful GPS for your investments.

The bottom line for the Ark Portfolio Navigation System is, regardless of market conditions, you are likely to be a lot happier with your bottom line.

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