The Aftershock Connection 

Ark Financial Management is based in part on the macroeconomic views in our Aftershock series of books.



If you would like to visit the Aftershock book website click on the link below:
Aftershock Publishing

Ark Financial Management has partnered with Aftershock Publishing to provide Ark clients with a complimentary subscription to the Aftershock Investor’s Resource Package (IRP).

This package includes:

Monthly Aftershock Newsletter

Monthly Aftershock Investment Outlook

Monthly Aftershock Audio Forum

Periodic Aftershock Email Alerts

Aftershock Question of the Month

We offer all Ark Financial clients this free subscription to the Aftershock IRP as part of our goal to keep you fully informed of changes in the markets and the economy. This is in addition to our Ark Financial quarterly reports and individual client calls.  Of course, at any time, Ark clients may call to ask questions about ANY financial issue, including questions about real estate, retirement, physical assets or money we are not managing.

If you are not yet an Ark Financial client and you would like a two month free trial to the Aftershock Investor’s Resource Package, please click on the link below:
Aftershock Investor’s Resource Package